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 Character Relations

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Character Relations

In this roleplay universe, you will not only interact with fellow roleplayers but also with canon characters roleplayed by the admins. Depending on your roleplay and interactions, you can build relationships with such characters as friends, rivals, or even enemies.

Helping out a character in a pinch or event can earn you relationship points in additon to any event rewards. With a high enough relationship score, you can call on them for help or favors, though be warned that they are not always available. The more high profile characters are more often than not busy with their own affairs. However building a much higher relationship score with them can result in them prioritizing your need.

Conversely, getting on the bad side of a character will result in them treating you as an enemy. A low enough score can cause them to antagonize you on sight or even pick a fight. This dislike or hate can sometimes be taken advantage of but you would definitely want to avoid being on bad terms with the more high profile characters. Still sometimes this is unavoidable since in an event where conflict is involved, you are bound to pick a side.

The relationship score is normally 0 by default however if you are creating a famous or infamous character, certain people will develop predispositions towards you. For example, a new Level 5 character will generate some animosity from characters who would like to maintain the status quo in the rankings.

Relationship Table

-50 - Archenemy. Depending on circumstances, it may be impossible to improve the score regardless of your actions.
-20 - Enemy. You can expect not to receive any aid or assistance from this character at all regardless of circumstances.
-10 - Rival. This character does not get along with you but there is still some semblance of respect. It is possible to improve the relationship and, depending on the circumstances, work together.
0 - Neutral. The character hasn't formed an opinion about you and will mostly act according to their personality.
+10 - Acquaintance. The character knows you by name. At this point you can start attempting to call on them for things but don't expect to be high on their priority list.
+20 - Friend. The character knows more things about you and is more willing to go along with your requests. Occasionally they may even aid you without you having to ask.
+50 - Best Friend. The character is willing to risk their life for you and will almost always respond to your calls.

Examples of actions that can affect the relationship score:
- Conversations that end on a positive note +1
- Conversations that end on a negative note -1
- Simple favors +2 to +3
- Insults, being a hindrance -2 to -3
- Rescuing from trouble +4 to +7
- Attacking, hurting -4 to -7
- Saving one's life +10
- Betrayal in a life threatening situation -10
- Saving a friend's life +10
- Severely injuring a friend -10

Note that the score only changes once per encounter. The final change will be from the action with the greatest impact.

Because characters have different personalities, the way one acts at a certain relationship score may not be the same as others. For example a violent enemy may attack on sight while a passive enemy may just be extremely cold to your character. A naturally helpful character will aid or assist you even if your relationship score is not that high.

And finally, even non-player characters have relationships with other non-player characters. Even if you are best friends with one character, you won't be able to convince them to act against another of that character's friends. Conversely, if you are close friends with one character, that character's friends maybe more inclined to help you out even if your relationship score with them is not that high.

"I-It's n-not like I'm doing this for you b-baka!"
Character Relations MSjIadx
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Character Relations
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