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 Character Occupations

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Character Occupations

Occupations are almost as varied as powers. Generally they go hand in hand with your character affiliations. Here are a few examples of occupations, their descriptions, and any perks they might have in the roleplay universe.

Student - Most if not all espers have this occupation. They have access to the school they are a part of and all the facilities within. They can participate in school events and city-wide events. They may also get the opportunity to use or obtain new technologies developed by their school.

Teacher - As educators, they are responsible for the learning of the students. Some of them also train espers in the use of their powers. In general, teachers have some other duty or occupation in addition to teaching.

Scientist/Researcher - They are responsible for new developments and studies in the science side. Not all of them work on esper curriculum. They work in various fields and are the main reason why Academy City is technologically ahead of the world by 30 years.

Priest/Nun/Sister - They are affiliated with a religion and are normally proficient mages, although examples with no magical ability are not unheard of. As they are official representatives of a religion, they can usually obtain legal access into Academy City as guests.

None - For some characters, it is beneficial not to have an occupation they can be identified with. It helps in concealing their identities, enabling them to accomplish their secret missions without leaving traces.

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Character Occupations MSjIadx
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Character Occupations
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