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 Character Affiliations

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Character Affiliations

When creating your character, you can choose to be affiliated with an factions, organizations or groups in the roleplay universe. At the start you can only pick from existing ones but as you roleplay more, you can get the opportunity to affiliate yourself with your own original faction.

As mentioned in the accessibility thread, affiliations can grant you access to post in certain forum areas. They can also trigger certain events, some of which exclusive only to particular factions. But it isn't all perks. Your affiliations can also dictate duties your character must observe and perform though normally you are rewarded for doing so.

On the magic side, related to affiliations are religions. One does not necessarily determine the other as some factions are lax when it comes to member backgrounds.

Some Science Side Affiliations:
Tokiwadai Middle School
Sakugawa Middle School
Kirigaoka Girls' Academy
Nagatenjouki Academy
A Certain High School
*Various dark side groups

Some Magic Side Affiliations/Religions:
English Church
Roman Catholic Church
Russian orthodox Church
Dawn-Colored Sunlight
Return of the Winged One
New Light

"I-It's n-not like I'm doing this for you b-baka!"
Character Affiliations MSjIadx
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Character Affiliations
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