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 READ ME: Creating your character

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PostSubject: READ ME: Creating your character   READ ME: Creating your character EmptyFri May 03, 2013 11:10 am

You can use the following format in creating your character.

Class: (Esper, Magician, Normal) (Note that Level 0s count as Espers. Normals are powerless people who did not undergo the Power Curriculum)
Affiliations: (School, magic cabal, any other groups or associations)

Hair Color:
Eye Color:
Skin Color:

Appearance: (A description of your character's appearance including hair style, build, identifying marks, clothing, accessories, etc.)

Personality: (A peek into your character's inner psyche, motivations, quirks, habits, interests, beliefs, etc.)

History: (Your character's origin including any significant events contributing and leading up to your character's present day self. Due to the Character Relations system for this roleplay, a history putting your character in close relationship with a canon character is not allowed.)

Skills/Training: (A description of your character's other notable talents besides powers. Especially important if your character is powerless. Can range from things like firearms handling, to robotics engineering, to cooking)
Weapons/Equipment: (These items are almost always on your character's person. Leave N/A if none)

(For Espers)
Level: (Your current level. Can be edited as your character grows)
Potential Level: (The maximum level your character can attain according to the Parameter List)
Nickname: (Normally for Level 5s only. Characters with enough fame can also gain a nickname. Note that adding a nickname implies fame thus making information about your character "public" in roleplay. You can specify the degree of fame e.g. your character is only well known within a particular school. Leave as N/A by default)
Ability Name:
Ability Description: (A comprehensive description of your ability, its limits and capabilities, and a few examples of its usage)

(For Magicians)
Magician Status: (Mage, Sorceror, Saint, Magic God) (Can be edited as your character grows. You are either born a Saint or not. There can only be one Magic God at a time. Note that being a Saint or Magic God implies fame thus making information about your character "public" in roleplay.)
Religion: (Leave as N/A if none)
Sorcery Name:
Magic: (The type of magic your character uses. Can be elemental or based on a concept. Must be at least a Sorceror to wield multiple types)
Magic Description: (A comprehensive description of your magic, its limits and capabilities, and a few examples of its usage)

"I-It's n-not like I'm doing this for you b-baka!"
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READ ME: Creating your character
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