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 Character Fame

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Character Fame

Within the roleplay universe, fame is another important factor that can affect the roleplaying experience in terms of events and knowledge player characters and NPCs have. For example, everyone in Academy City has heard of the Level 5's. Not everyone can recognize them on sight but their general abilities and other common information such as their school are known publicly by inhabitants of the city.

On the magic side, Saints as well as leaders of major Magic Cabals and factions are famous among most magicians. The Magic God of the era is also well-known. But since information is not kept in a database, knowledge of their abilities is not necessarily widespread. Their fame is mostly in name and reputation only.

Here is a list of characters and their nicknames/aliases, NPC and PC alike whom your character may have some general awareness of depending on your side.

Science Side

1. Level 5's
- Rank 1 Level 5, Accelerator
- Rank 2 Level 5, Kakine Teitoku, "Dark Matter"
- Rank 3 Level 5, Misaka Mikoto, "Railgun", "Tokiwadai's Ace"
- Rank 4 Level 5, Mugino Shizuri, "Meltdowner"
- Rank 5 Level 5, Shokuhou Misaki, "Mental Out", "The Queen of Tokiwadai"
- Rank 7 Level 5, Sogiita Gunha, "Attack Crash"

2. Other famous people
- Aleister Crowley (A special case, almost unknown in the Science Side but very famous in the Magic Side)
- Kihara Gensei
- Academy City Directors

Magic Side

1. Saints
- Kanzaki Kaori
- William Orville, Acqua of the Back
- Sylvia
- Brunhild Eiktobel

2. Magic Cabal/Faction Leaders
- Laura Stuart
- Vasilisa
- Leivinia Birdway
- Fiamma of the Right

3. Other famous people
- One-Eyed Othinus, Magic God
- Ollerus (closest to being a Magic God)
- Elizard (Queen of England)
- Royal Family of England
- members of God's Right Seat
- Pope of the Roman Catholic Church
- Index Librorum Prohibitorum

Of course fame is not absolute. You are free to roleplay your character to be ignorant of these people if you wish.

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Character Fame
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