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 Kozuki Shiina

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PostSubject: Kozuki Shiina   Thu Jan 16, 2014 8:30 am

Name: Kozuki Shiina
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Class: Esper
Affiliations: Academy City

Height: 5'2''
Weight: 101 lbs
Hair Color: Pink
Eye Color: Pink
Skin Color: Fair


Personality: Shiina is feisty and flamboyant. He is honest to the point of being a bit tactless but more often than not, he has good intentions. He can also be a bit selfish at times, dragging others to his pace. But it's that charisma that makes most people find him likable. He is a go-getter who presses on where other people would hesitate or even turn back.

He is a narcissist who believes he is cuter than most men and women. In that regard, he usually doesn't readily identify with either gender, simply proclaiming that he is the cutest, period. It goes without saying that he's fussy about personal appearance. It's not uncommon for him to force his aesthetic tastes on others in different situations.

History: Shiina came from a well-off family where he had five older sisters. Being the youngest, he had been the subject of many dress-up games and experiments by his siblings. Rather than dislike it or be annoyed by it, he actually emraced it, giving birth to the persona he possessed today. He was grateful to his sisters for introducing him to the world of fashion and style. They are probably the only people who see his more humble side, not out of a sense of inferiority but out of respect and appreciation. He was scouted to be a model one day whilst wearing a summer dress his oldest sister had convinced him to put on and has been doing that sort of work ever since.

Passion for fashion aside, Shiina was an exceptional student despite juggling studies with his model/idol career. He went to Academy City seeking opportunities to boost both, even gaining a nifty ability along the way.  

Skills/Training: Because of his small stature and celebrity status, Shiina took self-defense training and is skilled enough to take down an average man nearly twice his weight. He is also a very fast runner, with jogging being his main stamina-building exercise for work.

As part of his hobbies and interests, his needlework is superb and he also is fairly good at most other arts and crafts. Designing clothes, applying make-up and hairstyling are also among his many talents.

Weapons/Equipment: Even with self-defense training, Shiina still carries a stun gun and pepper spray courtesy of his overprotective manager. In order to be ready for clothing disasters anytime and anywhere, he always carries a portable sewing kit.

Level: 4
Potential Level: 5
Nickname: N/A
Ability Name: Time Crisis
Ability Description: Shiina's ability enables him to alter people's perception of time in a 10m radius. He can speed it up, slow it down, or put it to a complete halt. Those affected by his time stop don't realize it happened at all unless they were meticulously checking an indicator of time or the changes that happened during the time stop were so drastic and noticeable. For the latter, they would realize something happened but probably wouldn't come to the conclusion that it was a time stop unless they were aware of his abilities. Though he has a decent range, he can only affect 20 people at once. The effects can last up to 2 minutes for as long as he stays within range. When the duration ends, he must wait a certain amount of time proportional to how long the last usage was before he can re-apply it again. At 2 minutes, the wait time is 30 seconds. Attempting to go beyond 2 minutes results in an unbearable headache and possibly internal bleeding due to overuse.
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PostSubject: Re: Kozuki Shiina   Thu Jan 16, 2014 8:44 am

Approved on the understanding that this only works on targets with sentient minds and that he must be aware of the target's presence to use it.

"I-It's n-not like I'm doing this for you b-baka!"
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Kozuki Shiina
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