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 Maria Kintobor

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PostSubject: Maria Kintobor   Maria Kintobor EmptyFri Dec 20, 2013 10:36 am

Name: Maria Kintobor
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Class: Esper
Affiliations: None at this time

Height: 5'7
Hair Color: jet black
Eye Color: yellow
Skin Color: rarely seen the light of day, ghast pale

Appearance: She has very long very unkept black hair, she almost always looks very unkept and malnourished, rarely gets sleep resulting in dark rings around her eyes that are only partially covered by her oversized glasses. She's rather thin bordering on unhealthy, and wears a large lab coat very baggy cargo pants and a red turtleneck sweater.

Personality: There are things you do, and things you do not do. Maria follows a code of actions much like a computer would follow programming, with as little deviation as possible. She is an obsessive creature of habit and will always follow her own rules. However the rules of others mean absolutely nothing to her and will be bent without care or a muttered excuse. She tends to make snap decisions about whether she likes someone or not and will stick to her assumption of them unless an impressive amount of evidence to the contrary is brought to light. Few have ever passed such a test.

Likes: Coffee, fancy coffee, the black cat coffee cafe, Ramen, her assistant, Sundays
Doesn't mind: hard work, academy city
Dislikes: Espers, esper researchers, people who shy away from work, sleep

History: After finding out that she was going to be utterly useless as an esper Maria decided on becoming a researcher of robotix. She is single-handedly responsible for the design and creation of a vast number of combat robots and the very popular cleaning robot. Though there is a simple stigma at work in the scientific community that will not simply vanish in a night. Those researchers working to advance anything involving espers are greatly valued and their research is considered far more important and far better funded than anything else in academy city. So while being such an asset to the mechanical fields, she is the king of a sand castle in comparison to the esper researchers.

At the moment she is finishing up a joint project with researchers attempting to create a sustaining artificial life form. To make up for their inability to reproduce certain functions and natures of the human body, robotix we're employed with reckless abandon. . .

Skills/Training: Robotix engineering, design creation and facilitation, complex calculations, she is a scientist/engineer

Weapons/Equipment: she always carries a number of diagnostic devices and a small tool kit in case she is called out to do spot repairs on one of her creations

(For Espers)
Level: Level 0
Potential Level: 0
Nickname: N/A
Ability Name: N/A
Ability Description: She is effectively powerless.
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"I-It's n-not like I'm doing this for you b-baka!"
Maria Kintobor MSjIadx
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Maria Kintobor
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