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 Awase Koishi

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Character sheet
Class: Esper
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Main Affiliation: Tokiwadai Middle School

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PostSubject: Awase Koishi   Awase Koishi EmptyFri Sep 20, 2013 8:58 am

Name: Awase Koishi
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Class: Esper
Affiliations: Tokiwadai Middle School

Height: 5'2''
Weight: 97 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Skin Color: Fair

Appearance: Koishi has a slim figure and is slightly built. Her long straight hair is styled into a hime cut. She normally wears the Tokiwadai uniform per school requirements but on casual days her preferred attire is a long-sleeved blouse and a skirt.

Personality: Koishi is kind, gentle and well-mannered. She is quite perceptive of people who are bothered by troubles and never hesitates to help those in need. She isn't a martyr though as she won't unnecessarily put herself in a compromising situation for the sake of others. But that is because she uses her common sense and good judgment in figuring out the best course of action instead of simply acting on a whim.

She is diligent, responsible and holds promises in high regard. She is also optimistic and flexible in that she can readily accept weird or unusual circumstances. She is an avid reader and can be considered to possess worldly knowledge. While she excels in academics, her interests lie mostly in the arts, particularly in sketching and painting. She loves cute and beautiful things.

History: Koishi was an only child born to an affluent family. While she lived a sheltered life for most of her childhood, she was not a stranger to the ways of the world as she was well-read. Often the books and literature she was exposed to was well beyond her age. She had a remarkable aptitude for studying and learning new things.

Despite her talents and gifts, Koishi had always remained a figure of modesty and humility. It was a naive mindset brought forth by learning about the world only through reading. She disliked the idea of conflict and strife and so she strove to be a kind and gentle person. She carried this personality even after transferring to Academy City some time in elementary school.

As she was previously home-schooled, she wasted no time in building up experience to support the knowledge she had amassed in her younger days. She spent the first couple of weeks trying out every club in the school before finally settling for the arts club. She jumped at every event and opportunity that crossed her path and enjoyed her newfound freedom.

By the time she entered Tokiwadai for middle school, she had begun to settle down. She had not lost her enthusiasm for new experiences but she already found her niche of interests as well as dreams and goals she aimed for. Currently she is living a relatively peaceful if not somewhat busy school life as a class rep and student council volunteer.

Skills/Training: Cooking, gardening, flower arrangement, sewing, sketching, painting, origami
Weapons/Equipment: Pen and memo pad

Level: 4
Potential Level: 5
Nickname: N/A
Ability Name: Thought Scribbler
Ability Description: Koishi's ability is a form of telepathy that uses text or pictures as a medium. Direct contact with the text or picture is required to activate the ability. Depending on the text or picture, Koishi can do the following: issue commands, implant or even overwrite information, and create mental illusions that only the target can see.

*For command or illusory effects, a mental connection is formed between her and the target currently affected.
*She can tell where the target's location is as well as how her ability is currently affecting the target.
*The effectiveness of her command effects is still limited in that targets will perform the general instructions but the actual execution may vary depending on the person.
*The command effect happens almost entirely in the subconscious as the affected target will perform the tasks while retaining their personalities and mannerisms and won't appear robotic.
*Her current limit is up to five targets for command or illusory effects.
*She can mentally release them at anytime with the option to retain or forget any memories they had while under the effects of her ability.
*When a new target is placed under her ability while she is at the limit, the oldest affected target is automatically released from her ability with memories erased.

*For implanting information, there is currently no known limit to the amount of data she can force into a target's mind for as long as it is all written or illustrated on a tangible medium.
*How the information is received and processed is totally dependent on the target.
*For example, a normal person can lose consciousness from the mental overload of receiving an encyclopedia's worth of information, whereas someone like a Level 5 esper who is more accustomed to processing large amounts of data can stay conscious with some effort.
*She can remove information she implanted via direct contact with the target but it has to be done within 24 hours or else it becomes irreversible for her.

*Currently she can only use her ability on physically tangible mediums such as paper.
*She can set up her ability on a medium and have it automatically activate and affect the next eligible target to touch it.
*At present there is no known limit to how many mediums she can set up or the range and duration at which they remain effective.
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Character sheet
Class: Esper
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"I-It's n-not like I'm doing this for you b-baka!"
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Awase Koishi
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