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 Alek Spanovas

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Name: Alek Spanovas.
Age: 16
Gender: Male.
Class: Esper.
Affiliations: Judgement, Nagatenjouki Academy

Height: 5'9"
Weight: 147 lbs.
Hair Color: Slightly darker than dirty blonde. A ragged buzzcut style, but not by choice; rather, it is because his hair no longer grows.
Eye Color: Green, but this is not often seen.
Skin Color: Part Caucasian, part heavily scarred Caucasian.

Appearance: The very first physical feature anyone would notice about Alek are the multitude of burns and heat scars that riddle the right side of Alek's body. These are mostly only noticeable on his jaw, however, because due to his clothing and the bandages Alek keeps constantly wrapped around himself, on his arms and neck, the rest of him is covered. However, if he were to unwrap any of the bandages or expose any skin, the damage would be evident.
Alek wears what uniforms he must when he has to, but any chance he gets to wear his own clothes, he's often seen in a black shirt with a white flame outline on it and blue jeans that look kind of old, with white, laceless athletic shoes and a black jacket with red on the shoulders and on the outside of the sleeves. He usually wears some sort of relatively heavy goggles to act as a sort of mask and a black and grey fedora on his head, so usually, the only skin seen on Alek is in the mouth/jaw/cheek area. Upon closer inspection, it can appear that the goggles and the hat are actually the same item, and have been sewn together. Alek always has his Judgement band on him, but only wears it when it is necessary.
When he's feeling especially whimsical, Alek has an alternate outfit, which is comprised of black shoes, black pants, a long tailed black coat, a black top hat, a white mask with wings, white gloves, and a black cane. This is not seen often, but there have been confirmed sightings in the past.

Personality: Alek is usually a relatively carefree person. He does not have issues with authority, but is lazy enough to sometimes ignore orders if he does not feel like doing them, or at least adjust the order in his head a bit to better fit what he actually wants to do. In his spare time, Alek's most commonly seen sleeping or playing video games, usually of the puzzle or strategy genre. Unfortunately, because he is not the brightest of the bunch, he usually does not get far in such games.
Beneath this exterior, Alek secretly hates himself. He doesn't hate himself for who he is, per se, but rather who he isn't, or who he could be. He despises the fact that he is not good at anything except destruction. He hates his esper ability, but this doesn't hinder himself from using it or enjoying what he can from life. What he hates most is that he has no skills and is hardly good at anything else except fighting, killing, and blowing stuff up. As hard as he works to gain other skills and be useful in other areas, he simply cannot grasp what it takes to do so, and believes he is doomed to act as nothing but a tool and a weapon for the rest of his life. This is what he despises.

History: Poor Alek grew up with very little money and a very large family in Italy, though his family is primarily Greek. Wanting the best for their youngest child, the entire family saved and scraped up money for years to send Alek away to some other place, where he could have a better life. They finally accrued enough money when Alek was nine, and sent him to Japan, where he lived in Academy City.
Being relatively reckless as a child, once Alek gained his power, he saw it as a toy to play with, of the likes he had never had before. Unfortunately, he did not know what it was capable of, and in a scruff with his at-the-time roommate and friend, he accidentally set his Stardust off, which ignited and erupted. The damage to the surrounding area was minimal, as was the damage to Alek, miraculously, compared to the damage he could have taken. However, the damage to his friend was immediately fatal.
After being hospitalized for a month, Alek was sent back to school at Nagatenjouki Academy, placed here because of his level of power, but understandably, most avoided him. Not out of fear of his ability, for there were many with more powerful or more dangerous abilities, but out of disgust for his actions. Separated from his peers and relatively alone, this is when Alek first began to hate his being and his abilities.
As Alek grew and went through school, he became more of who he is today. Because he had no friends, he had to rely on amusing himself. Because he was never out and with anyone, he became a shut-in, covering himself to the maximum. Because he never did anything, he never became good at anything, except what he grew up doing, which was fighting for survival on the streets of Italy.
Thinking he could put what talents he did have to good use, Alek joined Judgement, but still, all he was good for here was destruction. There was nothing else he could do. As his penchant for destruction and nothing else and his backstory became known to more and more members of Judgement, people began to call him "Supernova," as a reference to his last name, his knack for destruction, and the manslaughter he committed as a younger child.

Skills/Training: Alek, unfortunately, does not have many skills that are not job-related, a fact that he laments. Most of his skills are combat related, such as his fairly impressive ability to battle with staves, rods, and other bludgeons. He is also quite proficient at hand-to-hand combat, though he may not necessarily follow any sort of style. He has had rifle training, among other various types of firearms, but he dislikes using them, as he could only be rated average with their use.
Weapons/Equipment: Alek has a rifle that he was trained with, but he is not fond of it. He usually carries it around anyhow. His preferred weapon is a metal staff, just under two meters long, with dense knots on either end that are quite good for bludgeoning. Alek keeps it with him at all times, strapped to his back, but as it is a large weapon, it can be very awkward, and is one of the reasons Alek is not often seen in public, except on duty. He often carries a baseball bat on his hip as well, for good measure, in case something happens to his other weapons.

Level: 4
Potential Level: 5
Nickname: Supernova. At the moment, this is only his nickname within Judgement, and it's treated somewhat as a degrading one.
Ability Name: Stardust.
Ability Description: Alek creates a somewhat volatile material, which he calls Stardust. It looks like a thin, sparkly cloud of some sort, hence its name. This material can be ignited in the air, but Alek can force these clouds of Stardust into shapes, and can then move these small masses of Stardust, and when they touch something, they will ignite and erupt, forming an explosion that resembles a star going supernova. It is a power that can be used for nothing but destruction.
At its current level of power, Alek can only form small marbles of Stardust that move slowly through the air, but depending on the amount of powder used, can vary the size and power of the explosion, from a burst that could hardly do more than startle a cat to an explosion that could bring down a two story building. At higher levels of power, when Alek reaches his prime, he will be able to create larger and more powerful explosions, create and control a multitude of Stardust masses at once, speed up the conversion from material in flesh to material in air to material in mass, as well as vary the speed and type of projectile or mass the Stardust forms before eruption.
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Sorry for taking so long. Was debating whether or not there were enough details for the limits and capabilities of your power and wanted to chat about it but never caught you online. Bringing down a building is your current max output? And what would be the range of the stardust, such as distance it can travel before dissipating, and how far can you still maintain control over it?

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I'm sorry. School started. Got busy. If I'm ever here, it'll be as a chatbox presence, not a posting one.
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Alek Spanovas
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