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 Mirelle Soma

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Name:Mirelle Soma.
Affiliations:Tokiwadai Middle School.

Hair Color:Silver with blue streaks.
Eye Color:Yellow.
Skin Color:Fair.

Appearance:Hip length silver hair that is waivy and has permanent blue streaks in it that form a tear drop her eyes are a very vivid yellow that seem almost cat like she dresses like all other students from Tokiwadai but when she is out and about for special occassions she wears a red and black lolita dress with all the accessories and in the middle of her back is a pair of raven wings birthmarks.

Personality:Soft spoken and well try and remain calm and collected even in the most chaotic situations including one`s who she has sworn to protect which include a small group of orphans like herself.

She has a protective soul that makes it so that she can`t look away when someone who is younger or weaker then herself is bullied by people bigger or tougher then her when she is protecting her family of younger child errors she well speak with a more serious tone though it dissappears after the situation is resolved.

History:Born in Kyoto she hardly knew much about her past as a young child because as soon as she was born M. Mirelle was given away since her parents could not take proper care of her so they sent her to Academy City where at the age of 3 she was shown to have an IQ of 190 which is proven when she was reading books for kids that where 5 or older.

Though at the time when the scientists where chomping at the bit to get her into the power developement program they where suprised when one of the proprieters of the orphanage Mirelle indicated that the young girl had started displaying an esper power a year later but there was a chance that she had been using it before then but no one could be entirely sure.

It was after she turned 5 when they did a scan that it was confirmed that she was exhibiting powers at level 2 so she entered the program and was studied by researchers because of the peculiarity of her power but over the next 7 years not much else was figured out even after her progression through the program after which she entered the middle school at the age of 12 getting into Tokiwadai from someone that saw her potential so a rich benifactor got her intothe school.

Skills/Training:Computer knowledge and hacking though she only uses that knowledge with hacking in extreme cases she also has training in karate and kick boxing,Singing and song writing.
Weapons/Equipment:A top of the line labtop with carrying case though its one of the smaller compact versions.

(For Espers)
Potential Level:5
Ability Name:Valkyrie's Shield.
Ability Description:Mirelle has developed two forms of shields for whatever the situation calls for but in order for her to form a shield of any kind she must have line of sight with her target and can errect a simple invisible field to defend against physical projectiles like punches and weapons of man made design.
Total Defense:This is her most formidable version of her shield/barriers it requires her complete concentration and well fall if she losses her focus though if she concentrates the strength of her barrier has been shown that it can repel physical impacts even against fast moving vehicles,guns and most weapons but if the person targets Mirelle they well find that she is defenseless so if knocked unconcious her barrier falters and vanishes.
Shatter Shield:This part of her power allows her to use her shield/barrier as an offensive weapon but in order to trigger it the target of her shattering field has to be within 10 feet for minimal to normal damage effects within 5 or so feet it can render her foe unconcious.

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"I-It's n-not like I'm doing this for you b-baka!"
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