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 Event Threads and Random Events

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PostSubject: Event Threads and Random Events   Event Threads and Random Events EmptySun Jul 21, 2013 8:01 pm

The main driving point of this roleplay is that it will follow as closely as possible canon events and timelines of the To Aru universe. In this way, even if you are totally clueless about To Aru in general, the story will be told to you via the different events that will be happening on the site. And of course as roleplayers, you will be given the opportunity to jump in and participate in such events with your own characters.

There are 2 types of events: Event Threads and Random Events. Event Threads are the storyline events mainly referred to previously. They will be marked as [Event] in the forum. Random Events are obviously random and will just suddenly happen in player-made threads. These random events are mostly determined by your character's fame, reputation and character relations. Both types of events will be initiated by admins.

However, because we would still like to stick closely to canon or at least not alter it irreparably such that later events become impossible, certain rules and restrictions will be given out at the start of every event. It's kind of contradictory to the "jumping in" premise of this roleplay but a certain degree of order is needed so that everything plays out fairly and fun.

To get things started, here are a few rules that are assumed to be enforced in all events unless stated otherwise in the rules posted in the event itself:

- No killing of named or relevant characters NPC or player-controlled (There are a handful of nameless but relevant characters in the universe. This also implies nameless NPCs are fair game.)
- Actions of player characters may be contested by other players or admins. However actions by admin-controlled NPCs are final with the exception of any glaring oversights with regards To Aru universe canon. (For example, admins can't make Misaka Mikoto kill Shirai Kuroko. She CAN comically punish her though...)
- Player-controlled NPCs are not allowed to get involved in any Event Threads. Only the main player character may participate. Player-controlled NPCs can participate in random events. (Usually the admin hosting the event has already taken them into consideration.)

And that's it for the now. More rules may be added later on as situations and scenarios arise.

"I-It's n-not like I'm doing this for you b-baka!"
Event Threads and Random Events MSjIadx
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Event Threads and Random Events
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