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 Ciel Korihi-Kitsune

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PostSubject: Ciel Korihi-Kitsune   Ciel Korihi-Kitsune EmptyFri Jul 19, 2013 9:42 pm

Name: Ciel Korihi-Kitsune
Age: 15
Gender: female
Class: Magician
Affiliations: Unnamed School
Height: 5'7"
Weight:130 lbs
Hair Color:
silvery grey but looks white under moonlight
Eye Color:
When not using any abilities:
Left eye: Ruby
Right eye: Sapphire
Using her Ice abilities: left eye becomes sapphire
Using her Fire abilities: right eye becomes Ruby
Skin Color: Tanned-Asian

Birthmarks: a large claw-like birth mark across her lower back. She also has 3 noticeable whisker-like birthmarks on each of her cheek.

Build: Slim with slightly noticeable muscles

Hairstyle: Shoulder length hair in a low ponytail held by her black ribbon.

Other: Her 2 top canine teeth aren't normal as they resemble more like fangs that show whenever her mouth is closed


School short-sleeved white dress shirt with a tiny yet detailed version of her family crest embroidered on her right cuff of her sleeve worn under a light brown vest with the school emblem. Her school skirt is modified to hold a card case filled with mother's various talismans and seals.

Casual: She's is often seen wearing a T-shirt with her family crest on the sleeve and a pair of grey windbreaker pants that can be adjusted into shorts by rolling up the pant legs and wrapping the strap underneath the pant legs around the leg without cutting off circulation.

Family Emblem: A fiery fox with a sapphire eye and an icy fox with a ruby eye. Both foxes are biting the tail of the other fox.

Personality: Well mannered, boyish, independent, knowledgeable about uncommon topics due to her curiosity, easy-going and sometimes quite curious when she sees something is off or standing out. She has sharp eye for detail. She can get really serious and strict when others are in danger but also a little reckless when making some quick decisions during those times.

Interests: sword fighting, any cute and furry or cute and feathery animal, finding out the extensive secret history behind her family's emblem, and collecting the news articles in a scrapbook to send to her father, who is working overseas to help the military as a sniper. She also wants to follow her mothers path of becoming a Miko of her family's temple.  


History: When Ciel was born, her mother, Mia Kihore, and her Father, Kaiser Kitsune, noticed the oddities of her birthmarks and her eyes and thought that the demon fox has reincarnate into their daughter but dismiss it afterwards when she starts laughing at them.

When Ciel turned 8, she asks her mother about why they have the family emblem but she's not old enough to hear the story behind the emblem. That was when she was determine to find out the truth behind her family. When she found the two Katanas, one red and one blue, during a spring clean out that same year, her parents were shock to see that nothing has happened to her when Ciel touched them and decided to give them to her if Ciel was willing to learn from her mother the sword arts of the samurai.

When Ciel turned 10, she mastered the sword arts of the samurai as well as wielding both swords at the same time. During a camping trip in the summer with her mother, Ciel accidentally froze the bottle of water when she touched it with one finger. She showed her mother the bottle and ask her why her water was frozen. Her mother realized that the ice fox demon have reincarnate. During a winter camping trip that year, she accidentally start the campfire with her finger and her father saw that and realized that fire fox demon have reincarnate to his daughter.

When Ciel became 14, before her father leaves for a military mission, her parents explains a little bit about her abilities and that she'll be traveling to Academy City to help control her abilities better and hands her a cell phone, a small pouch full of talismans, passport, as well as a shoulder case to carry her katanas in.

-Samurai training from her mother.
-Sword repairs/tune-ups
-Wielding two swords together
-Creating new talismans
-Being able to see and talk to spirits

Weapons/Equipment: two Katanas, one red and one blue, made from an unknown metal that are designed to be resistant to extremely high and low temperatures, a pouch full of various talismans with various purposes.

Magician Status: Sorcerer
Religion: N/A
Sorcery Name: Vulpes-213
Magic: Ice and Fire

Magic Description:
-Flamethrower: shoots fire from her palms.
-Ice Beam: shoots ice from her fingers.
-Ice/Fire Armor: creates a full body armor out of fire or ice that resembles a fox.
-Ice/Fire Sword: Covers the katanas in fire or ice OR creating a makeshift sword out of fire or ice
-Ice/Fire Shield: Creates a Fire/Ice shield on her forearm
-Spirit medium: One of the two fox demon spirits can borrow Ciel's body to communicate with others.
-Demon form: Ciel gains Fox ears, tail and enhanced senses. Sometimes the fox spirits unintentionally cause them to appear.

Capabilities: For Fire, about 800 degrees Celsius. For Ice, about 10 degrees above absolute zero in Celsius.

Limits: She could only use Fire alone or Ice alone but if she tries to use both, she could only last for about a minute before entering a coma for a day. For the armor and shield formations, she can retain it for about hour before she has to wait half a day to use it again. After she was used as a spirit medium, she sometimes won't remember too much about what happened except for an unclear retelling of the event. Her fox ears and tail would have to stay out for at least an hour before she can will them to disappear.

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"I-It's n-not like I'm doing this for you b-baka!"
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Ciel Korihi-Kitsune
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