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 Kanon Raleigh

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Name: Kanon Raleigh
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Class: Magician
Affiliations: Necessarius

Height: 155 cm
Weight: 44 kg
Hair Color: Brown/Red
Eye Color: Hazel/Golden Yellow
Skin Color: Pale

Appearance: Kanon has waist-length straight hair tied into a ponytail with a white ribbon. She has a petite build that belies her otherwise impressive physical strength. She wears a black blouse, white hot pants, and black boots. Her attire accentuates her slender figure while showing off her proportionately long legs. Her hair is dyed red to complement her magic and her eyes turn into a distinct golden color when she uses her abilities.

Personality: Kanon is a proud and confident mage who believes in her own talents and skills more than anything else. She is feisty and assertive but she respects authority, going only as far as teasing those whom she is somewhat close to. She has a rather dark sense of humor that borders sadism. She normally speaks with a deadpan expression which makes it difficult to tell when she is joking or being completely serious.

She is a pragmatist. The moment she determines that a certain method or plan has no chance of succeeding, she promptly moves on to try something else. She can be very blunt about her opinions, thinking that it is a lot kinder to give them straight than waste time sugarcoating. Occasionally she even makes things out worse than they actually are to push people to do better... or solicit amusing reactions from her more pessimistic colleagues.

That said, she is one of the more reliable agents of Necessarius and is trusted and respected by friends and rivals alike despite her young age. Unfortunately, she does not return the same sentiment. Even with partners present, she never fails to have plan in reserve that involves doing things all on her own.

History: Kanon was an orphan picked up by an old English knight who saw that she had a great potential for magic even at a young age. Unfortunately, the man did not have many years left in his life and so just before meeting his end, he entrusted the young Kanon to Necessarius where he had friends he could count on. Thus began Kanon's formal magic training. They say that her personality was something she inherited from the old man despite spending no more than three years with him before he passed away.

Kanon's teacher would be yet another influential person in her life. Even by magician's standards, her master was an eccentric person whose forte was mixing and matching different styles instead focusing on a religious base. Even the martial arts used alongside the magic were of mixed varieties. It was because Necessarius was the type of organization that accepted anyone useful that such a person was given a place there.

Almost immediately, Kanon was given the challenge of developing her own unique style right from the start. It was during her training that her potential for magic became more evident. Her master was impressed that she could keep up with the unorthodox theories presented to her and come up with her own responses and interpretations. In less than four years, Kanon grew to become a powerful mage in her own right, and was for the most part, able to keep herself from being influenced too much by her master's eccentricities.

Her latest assignment brought her to Academy City. She was to pose as a student there while gathering information and being on the lookout for magicians from other organizations seeking to stir up trouble in the city. Necessarius was not entirely an ally of Academy City but they have cordial enough relations and it was in their best interest that the capital of science did not fall due to some fortuitous event. She was also a contact point for other mages of Necessarius who would seek to enter the city for their own various reasons and assignments.

Skills/Training: Kanon is a mixed martial-artist focusing predominantly on kicks. Her background is composed primarily of savate, taekwondo, and kick-boxing. Even without strengthening magic, her strongest kicks can fracture bones. Unlike most magicians, she is competent with modern technology, something she has her master to thank for.
Weapons/Equipment: Though she doesn't smoke, Kanon always carries a lighter for when she wants to conserve mana since manipulating and enhancing existing flames is more cost effective than conjuring them from nothing.

Magician Status: Sorcerer
Religion: Anglicanism
Sorcery Name: Gratia303, "God's favor renews the venerable pledge"
Magic: Fire magic, Clairvoyance magic, Strengthening magic
Magic Description: Kanon's personal style is a blend of her natural affinity for the fire element, strengthening magic in conjunction with her martial arts, and her use of a magical artifact called the Destiny Recorder.

The Recorder is in the form of a crystal ball, similar to what fortunetellers use and is about the size of an orange. It is magically connected to Kanon such that she can summon it back to her should it ever be removed from her possession. It has several unique abilities:

Soul Imprint - By coming into contact with the intended target via touch, Kanon can record them into the artifact enabling her to find and watch them wherever they may be. She can only keep a maximum of 10 records at a time and must erase one to be able to add another if she is at the limit.

God's Eye - Upon activation of this spell, Kanon gains "omnivision" in a 50m radius, making it nigh impossble to conceal oneself. The drawback is that this puts a heavy strain on her mind due to the influx of visual information. She can only use this for a maximum of 5 minutes before needing to rest for at least an hour.

Destiny Rewind - This spell enables Kanon to look into the past of an area or object and replay it at her leisure. The images she sees are only visible in her mind. The maximum range is a radius of 20 ft at a time and she can look as far back as one month.

Fate Bell - This spell is always active and functions like limited precognition but only works on dangers that Kanon is unaware of.

Kanon's fire magic follows the principle that anything can be incinerated for as long as the flame burns long enough and hot enough. As such, she specializes in conjuring flames whose intensities she can manipulate even after casting the spell. She can keep flames burning regardless of conditions since it uses mana as fuel. She can reach a temperature of up to 4000 C but rarely does so as it is dangerous even to herself.

Ignis Fatuus - Kanon's signature spell. Rather than the flashy streams of flames commonly favored by other fire magicians, Kanon prefers a more subtle approach. This spell conjures numerous tiny orbs of flame that litter an area. Anything that touches them is burned and engulfed in flames. The amount is often surprising compared to the size of the orb it originated from. Her favorite tactic is to have the orbs converge on the target from all directions, making escape almost impossible unless one possesses some sort of teleportation ability. She can conjure them anywhere for as long as she can see the location up to a range of 50m. Combined with the Destiny Recorder, she is able directly burn almost anything making it almost impossible to defend against.

Ignis Magnus - When Kanon requires a spell with more explosive power, she gathers the tiny orbs of flame to create a much larger orb. The degree of destructiveness relative to the size of the orb is as follows:
*6 inches diameter - comparable to a grenade
*12 inches in diameter - can level a one-floor 20m x 20m building
*6 feet in diameter - can level a 20-floor building
*12 feet in diameter - can level a city block, leaving nothing but a crater
The drawback of the spell is that she takes time to gather and combine the orbs: about one second per 3 inches of diameter. Kanon can reach much higher levels of destructive power provided she is given time to charge up but so far she has not had any reason to blow up anything larger than a city block.

Strengthening magic was something Kanon originally learned to compensate for her small physique but as she trained in using it, she discovered that she had a knack for it. At her current best, she is able to lift 3 tons and kick through concrete walls with ease. Her durability makes it seem like she is wearing a full-body bulletproof and shockproof vest and can walk away from getting hit by a car at 60 kph relatively unharmed. In terms of speed, she can reach up to mach 2 in short 10-meter bursts.
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"I-It's n-not like I'm doing this for you b-baka!"
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