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 Shion Suzaku

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Serah Flin

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Name:Shion Suzaku.
Affiliations:Eternus(Mercenary Group/Nagatenjouki Academy.

Weight:140 Lbs.
Hair Color:Strawberry Blonde.
Eye Color:Jade.
Skin Color:Fair.

Appearance:Tall with fair skin her hair is a very peculiar color though it is more reddish pink then blonde and falls in curly waves to the small of her back with her bangs held out of her jade colored eyes by white hair clips she dresses in simple but eye catching clothes when she is acting her proper age though she wear a black skirt and white and blue sailor top in school but outside her clothes change with her mood and job but she wear for formal occassion a bare backed red dress with red high heels though when out and about she wears black shorts under whatever skirt she wears though the skirt is black and the top is red.

Personality:Serious and thinks logically with whatever she does never rushes blindly into a situation when calm and collective thinking and planing well get the job done better and without serious injury to herself or others.

Though if you anger her she well usually give you a lot of her barbed tongue in verbal anger especially if its one of her coworkers at her job if they do a poor or very sloppy job for there boss who she treats with immense respect.

When she is at school though she uses a different personality altogether she is considered academically a genius who is shy and has only a few friends though in truth both school and work personality crave friendship and well do anything to please a potential friend to a certain point.

History:Shion's family life was far from ideal in the fact that despite her families riches both of her parents never spent time with her or even acknowledge her because they never had wanted a child in the first place so Shion was taken care of by the family buttlers, maids as well as her grandmother on her mothers side though Lili taught her all the proper manners and that she also once Shion started showing an interest in it how to defend herself.

As the years went by Shion and her grandmother became closer while the grandma had her own mentor start to train her once she saw that her grand daughter had both brains and brawn and showed an interest both in martial arts,science as well as buisness affairs the mentor who was also the head of the mercenary group that was based in Academy City.

When Shion turned 13 her grandmother's health was failing and the two had moved into the city after her parents had found out what the grandmother had been teaching her so they handed over custody of there daughter to the grandmother and as such they indicated they no longer wanted her in there house so the two moved into a high rise apartment in Academy City where Shion entered the school system and got top marks and entered Nagatenjouki Academy.

As 4 years pass and Shion's grandmother had passed a year earlier her teacher within Eternus gave her a job so that she could retain her home once she finished her schooling so her teacher and now employer has her do jobs for him within the group and also one's that involve guarding valuable clients and also other jobs all of which pay good money.

Skills/Training:Gun training she has a license thanks to her job and has knowledge on how to maintain and fire most guns,Martial Arts she was trained in both Karate and Judo both by her grandmother and new mentor the leader of Eternus she also is a very talented cook having picked up how to prepare simple but also high complex foods though she also has taken gymnastics and ballet though she still does both.
Weapons/Equipment:Two 9mm handguns that where modified to fire 3 round bursts or full auto those she only has when she is on a job she also has an ear communication piece and she also has a pair of long knives for up close and personal fights that require a weapon other then her fists.

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"I-It's n-not like I'm doing this for you b-baka!"
Shion Suzaku MSjIadx
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Shion Suzaku
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