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 General Site and Roleplaying Rules

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PostSubject: General Site and Roleplaying Rules   General Site and Roleplaying Rules EmptyFri May 03, 2013 11:09 am

Before you start roleplaying, keep in mind the following rules that will help make the experience more enjoyable and organized.

1. Have fun. I can't stress this enough. We're all here because we want to have a good time roleplaying with people who share the same interests. Posting should never feel like a chore. If you find that you are getting bored or you have this cool idea that you think will make things more interesting, feel free to speak out. That's what the Roleplay Discussion forum is for.

2. No flaming, trash-talking and being rude in general. Yes, this is the internet and for the most part, you are anonymous. But remember that behind that username is a real person. Always treat each other with respect and try to keep criticisms constructive and helpful. If you have any problem with anyone on the site, send a pm to any of the admins and we'll help you sort it out.

3. No god modding. For one, this violates both of the previous rules. It's not fun for anyone and it's rude to other roleplayers. This includes but is not limited to: being unstoppable, being invincible, being able to do anything without proper justification or controlling another user's character. Note that there are some cases where a character can appear to be unstoppable or invincible but are rightfully so. If you are unsure about something, always consult an admin instead of coming up with your own interpretation.

4. No omniscience. While we as users are free to read about anything that goes on in the roleplay universe, our characters are only limited to what they personally see or hear about. Of course we sometimes can't help letting what we read influence our roleplay. Just make sure your character only knows what he is supposed to know and only acts according to what he knows

5. No omnipresence. Your character can only exist in one place at any given time in the roleplay universe. We use a single timeline such that we consider every event/thread that is currently active to be happening at the same time. Therefore you cannot reason out that your character is in two different active threads but at different times. Do note that there are certain circumstances that would allow you to post in multiple threads depending on the roleplay. Just refer to an admin for any clarifications.

6. No double-posting. If you are in a thread with other characters, it is only right that you give everyone a turn to post. The only exceptions to this rule are, if you are posting alone in a thread or if the other user has not posted in a long time and is stalling you. Since we have varying timezones, the general rule of thumb is to allow 24-48 hours to reply. After that you are free to post again.

7. No copying of characters. You are free to model your own character after your favorite characters in fiction, but copying characters made by fellow roleplayers is not allowed. We spend a fair amount of time designing our characters and making them unique. You should too.

8. Keep it PG-13. This applies to roleplay and posting in the discussion forums. If you want to post mature content, inform an admin beforehand and appropriately tag your threads, R-18 or NSFW, whichever applies.

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General Site and Roleplaying Rules MSjIadx
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General Site and Roleplaying Rules
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