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 Oozora Akira (WIP)

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PostSubject: Oozora Akira (WIP)   Oozora Akira (WIP) EmptyTue Jun 18, 2013 12:29 pm

Name: Oozora Akira
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Class: Esper
Affiliations: Nagatenjouki Academy

Height: 5'3
Weight: 120
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: Caucasian

Appearance: Akira is a fairly short kid with a normal build, not particularly lanky or broad. His brown hair always seems to look unkempt, as if he has just rolled out of bed. His preferred manner of dress is a teal t-shirt and dark brown leather bomber jacket, in which he keeps a deck of trading cards for his favorite card game and a set of dice, and black shorts.

Personality: What is most readily apparent at first about Akira is his lazy and aloof nature, especially when it comes to school. This behavior however, only developed after his transfer to Academy City as a result of all the pressure and expectations of his parents to succeed. He also tends to have trouble interacting or having conversations with people he is not familiar with, and mainly sticks with his close group of friends. One can sometimes see this veil drop when biology is brought up, as his interactions seem less forced and he displays a tendency to use advanced or uncommon medical terminology.

Under his seemingly indifferent ruse hides a nearly fanatical geek, and he will become noticeably more excitable if anything of that nature is brought up. His interests span a wide range, from anime and video games, a certain tabletop RPG and a certain trading card game. Another effect of his pressure to succeed, although somewhat unconscious, is his tendency to rely on himself to get the job done. He also tends to be fairly pessimistic, however if you were to ask him he might say he is just being realistic. At Akira’s core, he actually likes to learn and understand how things work, and when something comes along that he does not understand, he doggedly pursues to quell his curiosity.


From an objective standpoint, one might say that Akira had a relatively nice childhood. He belonged to an upper-middle class family, with intelligent, attentive parents. He went to a nice private school, where he continually would be put into the “gifted” classes. He even had group, albeit a very small group, of good friends he could confide in and share his interests with. However, upon further inspection, one begins to find that his situation was not as blessed as it might look to an outside observer.

These intelligent and attentive parents of Akira’s held wildly high expectations of his capabilities, and as a result, nearly all of his time was devoted to doing well in school, and he would have to bury many of his non-academic interests in the back of his mind in order to focus. Another unexpected consequence of this intense focus on study was it impacted the development of his growing social skills, and so apart from the small group of friends he managed to make, it became increasingly difficult to interact normally with others, and this would take the form of a hardened shell of indifference; built partly as a facade to protect himself from others, and to try and cope with the perceived lack of love he received from his parents. If Akira maintained his perfect grades, they wouldn’t really bat an eye, as it was to be expected of him, and seemed to follow the idea that one does not deserve praise for doing what is already expected of them. However, any lower grades would result in even more restriction of the few activities he loved than normal. This was Akira’s life, and he could only manage to trudge through it day by day with the presence of his friends, and by escaping into his own mind, constructing elaborate fantasies and concepts to play out in his head. However, this would one day change.

Much commotion filled the school as strange visitors walked around their campus, putting flyers up and all congregating in one building. The students were all called to an assembly, where the strange visitors introduced themselves as residents of Academy City, a place fifty years ahead technologically than the rest of the world, and where eighty percent of its population are students. They also continued to detail the specifics of the Power Curriculum undertaken by most students, which would allow them to develop a myriad of different abilities the likes of which outsiders could not personally accomplish themselves. They finished by announcing that they were scouting for potential students to transfer to Academy City and who would be willing to undergo the curriculum. After they left, the entire student body buzzed with excitement, wondering just who might be eligible for transfer, and what kind of powers they might develop. Akira seemed to remain indifferent. Transferring to a play consisting of eighty percent students sounded like even more work than he was already burdened with, and resolved to think nothing of it.

A few days after arrival of the scouts, a few of the students were sent letters indicating their eligibility for transfer and entrance into the program. Akira had received one of these letters, however he seemed to hold fast to his previous thoughts on the matter, and did not tell his parents about it. However, when he found out that his three friends had also been handpicked to transfer, his thoughts were conflicted. He told them about how much work that being put through this supposed “Power Curriculum might entail”, but his friends maintained their optimism on the matter, going on about how they can finally be like the people they portray in their roleplaying games. Akira remained on the fence, until his friends reminded him that transferring to Academy City meant he would have his own place, away from his parents, and that was the nail in the coffin. That night, Akira let his parents know about the letter, and they excitedly jumped at the chance to have their child be apart of an even more exclusive program and place than the private school he was currently attending. He watched happily as the town he grew up in, the place where all the stress he had been put under had originated, fly by as he and his friends made their way to Academy City.

Skills/Training: N/A
Weapons/Equipment: N/A

Level: 3
Potential Level: 5
Nickname: N/A
Ability Name: Aero Hand
Ability Description:
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Oozora Akira (WIP)
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