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PostSubject: Shizukana shio (Inactive)   Shizukana shio (Inactive) EmptySun May 12, 2013 9:40 am

Name: Shizukana Shio
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Class: Esper
Affiliations: Tokiwadai

Height: 5'5
Weight: Classified
Hair Color: White as snow
Eye Color: Deep blue (fremen blue)
Skin Color: Very pale

Appearance: She normally roams about wearing a blue kimono with koi patterns that matches her umbrella. Her white hair is spiked  and held back with a turqoise hair band allowing only two wifts of bangs. When she isn't wearing that, she wears the school uniform, or school uniform swim suit. She comes across as being skinny, yet well endowed. Her stark white winter hair is often what makes people notice her. Her complexion is perfect and without blemishes.

Personality: On the surface she seems to be very uncaring of other people and what they do, however that is merely the result of her inability to properly express how she feels.

History: She comes from a rather well off family and was spoiled richly by her family prior to coming to Academy City. As such she has little understanding of how to properly socialize and interact with people. This has led to a stance of doing little or nothing in order to not 'mess anything up'. Before coming to the city she fell into the pool at her families home, and nearly drown before anyone noticed, causing her to have mixed feelings towards the water she controls.

Skills/Training: She has a natural sense of direction, and a strange ability to blend into the background of any situation that has people in it, she is very comfortable with her umbrella and could use it as a weapon in a pinch.
Weapons/Equipment: Ornate steel frame umbrella decorated with blue and koi patterns, one water bottle filled with a strangely dirty looking fluid

(For Espers)
Level: 3
Potential Level: 5
Nickname: Ghost (only known within the school for her unusual looks, and while it was originally used to tease her it has become even the teachers go to moniker)
Ability Name: Hydro-jet
Ability Description:

At level 1 she found out that she could move water droplets across a surface even if it was uphill

At level 2 she learned that she could manipulate slightly larger bodies of water for amusement, examples include filling a water bottle by making the stream from the tap go through a loop before going into the bottle

At level 3 her powers grow in both their flexibility and ability. She can manipulate up to 12L of water into 4 denominations, or up to 6L in 8 denominations. She may control the water's atributes to enable herself or something else to move through the water with double their movement rate.(will be posted prior to the movement into the water)  She may pressurize water under her control up to 3000kpa. Her overall combative ability includes applying a higher speed at which she can move the water (33.3m/s) At 3000kpa. What is it like being hit with 3000kpa of concussive water? Riot water cannon strength, enough to knock you to the ground with ease.

At level 4 her controls further increase to about 25L of water and 5 denominations, or 20L in 10 denominations. She still maintains all earlier controls gained at level 3, but with improvements of pressure and overall speed. (4500kpa, 50m/s) She also gains the ability to use particulate in the water like a slurry to wear away and cut away at harder things. Given enough time and enough particulate or the abrasiveness of such particulate she could cut a hole through just about anything. But to be specific, in this state she can cut through 1 inch of steel plate in 3 seconds, or 2 inches of steel plate in 3 seconds if a highly abrasive mixture is used. Her water bottle is filled with a highly abrasive mixture that she can refill after battle, but can only be used once per fight. 4500kpa is enough to lay someone flat with damage to their body and potentially organs.

At level 5 she has full mastery of her abilities. She can actively command 50L of water and has full control of it in 10 denominations. Her maximum pressure can be 6000kpa, and maximum speed is 66.6m/s. She can cut through a military grade personnel carrier (bradly, bmp) almost instantly, but must resort to drowning a military grade tank.  She may dehydrate her surroundings calling upon the water to join her cause; during this she can control any number of tiny globules of water as long as she has the required amount of room in her control. (10L of water to be gained from this tech, must have 10L of water worth of room not being controlled, and only 9 active denominations) She may at any time decide to convert 10L worth of water to form a barrier jacket that she actively keeps pressurized and spinning around her to defend her. While it is mostly used to deflect things that come at her, it can also stop and erode things at the same rate that she could drill a hole through something.

Normally using extremely well designed nozzles, water jets can operate with very high pressures and specialized slurry abrasives, however given that the character can directly manipulate the attributes of water, the presumption is being made that she can pull off the same effect with a fraction of the pressure.
Also, any abilities that are different from the branch skills of level 3 will be earned and practiced through rp.
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PostSubject: Re: Shizukana shio (Inactive)   Shizukana shio (Inactive) EmptyMon Jul 01, 2013 9:10 am

Approved, though we generally prefer more details in the personality and history sections.

"I-It's n-not like I'm doing this for you b-baka!"
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